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International Bamboo Organ Festival

This yearly musical and cultural event was organized by the Bamboo Organ Foundation Inc. and was made possible through
the concerted efforts of people composed mostly of parishioners of the Parish of St. Joseph which make up the different festival committees
and through the relentless support of its many corporate sponsors, sustaining members of the foundation and generous individuals who have extended their all out support in the preservation of this cultural legacy.

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Festival Program

the 40th international bamboo organ festival

Every five years, the INTERNATIONAL BAMBOO ORGAN FESTIVAL will present some major productions. This year’s opening and closing program is dedicated to two composers, who express their faith through music: the German baroque composer J.S. Bach, and modern Filipino composer Fr. Nic Sengson, SVD. Another personality we feature is the distinguished Swiss organist Guy Bovet, presenting his “Manila Orgelbüchlein”. The Concert under the Trees returns to its original purpose, exposing the patrons of pop music to the world of classical music, with the collaboration of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. It was the support of this orchestra 40 years ago which gave a humble initiative of a local community a chance to develop into a yearly festival of classical music around the BAMBOO ORGAN – the National Cultural Treasure owned by all Filipinos.

the festival program - Concert time : 8 PM

19 Feb 2015 - Gloria

Thursday, 19 February
Gala Concert (Invitational)
Friday, 20 / Sunday, 22 February (Repeat Concert)

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we have selected the “Gloria” and ”Agnus Dei” from the B minor Mass by J.S. Bach, one of the greatest works written by anyone in any age. We have invited an international cast of soloists, to perform together with our local choir and orchestra, under the direction of Josef Döller (Graz, Austria). How 39 Festivals have affected the musical life of Las Piñas is demonstrated by Prof. Armando Salarza, Titular Organist of the Bamboo Organ since 1992, and by the Las Piñas Boys Choir who grew in quality together with the yearly Festival. Special guest is the Belgian trumpeteer Simon Van Hoecke, who will open the concert with a Concerto for Three Trumpets and Orchestra by Georg Telemann.

Armando Salarza, organ

Barbara Fink, soprano (Austria)
Judith Mayer, alto (Germany)
Gernot Heinrich, tenor (Austria)
Ewald Nagl, bass (Austria)

Las Piñas Boys Choir (Armando Salarza, choirmaster – Rea Jimenez, accompanist)
Villancico Vocal Ensemble (Eudenice Palaruan, choirmaster)
Los Cantantes de Manila (Darwin Vargas, choirmaster)

Simon Van Hoecke, trumpet (Belgium)
Manila Symphony Orchestra
Josef Döller, conductor (Austria)

21 Feb 2015 - Concert Under the Trees

Saturday, 21 February

It is a great privilege that we can present this year the CCP’s Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. The early festivals would not have been possible without the direct support of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and its former president Dr. Lucresia “King” R. Kasilag. The purpose of this concert, conceived in 1988 (13th Festival) was to expose the local people to the world of classical music in an entertaining way.

To spice up the second half of this less serious musical evening at St. Joseph Parish’s inner courtyard, (Diego Cera Park), we have invited a well-known international artist Christian Bautista, a singer, actor, host and model rolled into one. Garnered a multi-platinum album as OPM artist and showcased in “The Kitchen Musical” with other Filipino talents in Singapore, he also gained popularity not only in the Philippines but in other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra
Olivier Ochanine, conductor
Simon Van Hoecke, trumpet (Belgium)

Christian Bautista, international artist (Philippines)

23 Feb 2015 - Guy Bovet, organ (Switzerland)

Monday, 23 February (organ recital)

We welcome Guy Bovet for the 7th time to the Festival. He made the Philippine Organ Patrimony known around the world through his recording of 6 Historical Organs (Bacong, San Agustin, 3 organs in Bohol temporarily silenced by the earthquake of October 15, 2013, and last but not least, the Bamboo Organ). His recitals are always full of surprises. During his first recital, he will donate (and present) his “Manila Orgelbüchlein” containing preludes and variations on some of the most popular church hymns (composed by Hontiveros, Ramirez, M. Francisco, N. Que and Sengson) This year, we added one more night where Bovet will accompany a silent movie on the SJA Auditorium Organ.

24 Feb 2015 - Silent Movies with Guy Bovet at the Auditorium Organ

Tuesday, 24 February

A lecture demonstration how the organ was used to accompany
silent movies in the 20's

26 Feb 2015 - “EXODUS”, Sacred Rhapsodies by Nicolas Matias Sengson, SVD

Thursday & Friday, 26 & 27 February

Fr. Nic Sengson maybe unknown to many, but everyone knows his popular “fiesta-like” and short Luwalhati. The Festival presented his liturgical compositions for Advent and Christmas in 2012. “EXODUS” is the continuation, featuring music for the Liturgy of the Resurrection. Being a composer, liturgist and theologian, he is best qualified to bring music for the present-day believer of any Christian church. What entails a Sunday congregation’s core music is presented here in a Festival context, making use of a mixed choir, a boys choir, the Bamboo Organ, a digital organ with pedal, an assembly choir , brass and percussion instruments. A unique opportunity for any person interested in music for the Easter liturgy: clergy, church musicians, choir members, and the singing congregation.

Carolyn Kleiner-Cheng, Bamboo Organ
Mikhail Lastrilla, piano
Armando Salarza, organ

Las Piñas Boys Choir (Armando Salarza, choirmaster)
U.E. Chorale (Ana Tabita Abeleda-Piquero, choirmaster)
AILM Chorale (Naomi Paz Sison, choirmaster)
Bianca Camille Lopez, soprano
Andrew Fernando, baritone

Bianca Camille Lopez, soprano Andrew Fernando, baritone

Members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra
Eudenice Palaruan, conductor

19 - 27 Feb 2015 - Additional Features

Feb. 19 to 27 at the Bamboo Organ

"An Artist's Tribute to the Bamboo Organ"
a one-man show of Noli Vicedo, professor of Fine Arts (UST)
and a former member of the Las Piñas Boys Choir

Feb. 21, 2015 at 8:00 PM at EDSA Shrine

Johann Trummer (Graz, Austria)
Recital at the Klais Organ

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