Learn about the200 years old bamboo pipes

It has been in 1816 that Diego Cera started cutting the bamboo canes which he was going to use for the Bamboo Organ. Indeed, the bamboo pipes of the Bamboo Organ are 200 years old.

To celebrate this event, we will focus on the unique sound of bamboo used in a pipe organ. The Bamboo Organ will dialogue with a pan-flute, the predecessor of the pipe organ, ably played by the world famous Swiss pan flutist Michel Tirabosco. We will also have with us the former principal piccolo player of the Wiener Philharmoniker Raphael Leone. And our resident conductor Eudenice Palaruan wrote a special piece “Cañas” for this occasion.

We are grateful to Diego Cera for having applied the right (organic and environmental friendly) “chemicals” so that we can still hear this instruments 200 years after it has been built, with its original bamboo pipes! Come and hear the Bamboo Organ in the unique setting of the Festival.


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